Cartoonist Brad Gilchrist Endorses Multitorials

Syndicated Cartoonist: Brad Gilchrist Endorses Multitorials Revered cartoonist Brad Gilchrist (cartoonist for Nancy, Muppets and CT-Fan) purchased his Compilation (all seven Multitorials) from Rusty Cline - the creator, author of the Multitorials and the President of, Inc. - on and was so impressed he offered to endorse the Multitorials free of charge! Brad said it is an effort to let readers know that there purchase and their minds are in good hands with Rusty. The following are excerpts from what Brad wrote: "I do not do math well. The calculators blow my mind. As you might not know where to begin to write a comic strip- I can't conceive of how to start packing for the kind of journey you took in creating these programs. . . The underlying theme behind all of what I've read so far is Rusty wants to help you make a difference in your life, if you're willing to decide to make a difference in your life. I'm personally a little depressed that it's February in Connecticut and I can't go outside and make a difference in my waterfall today. "Rusty's Multitorials are like. . . Yoda with a grout bag - instead of a light saber." I read Glass Block which was reeeeaaaalllly well written, by the way. I had heard that it isn't 'easy' to do for a beginner- I enjoyed your accounting of why it isn't easy. And then made it easy anyway! I love the quotes and philosophy. The encouraging quotes, philosophical moments, sense of humor and personal experience are the true tools of enjoying the job. The "job" could be done by anyone who can follow steps- but the whole process is a learning experience. "YOU" are what makes your lessons special. Okay, deflate that head. "Use the force, use your own inner strength . . . use me . . . I take Paypal." Rusty's respect for the homeowner and hardworking handyman. . . you've designed your programs to really help someone who wants to try to build something nice and long lasting. Too much of home handiwork is "quick and easy." Rusty wants to help you build it so you'll be proud of it- and your grandchildren will enjoy your work as well. Stonewalls, patios, cement work that's done really well is something that the next generations can enjoy and be inspired by. I know of a family in Vermont, who's great grandpa built a stone dam, well and pool- where an old mill used to be. The amount of work and planning that went into that is mind boggling- but it's still there as a constant, naturally filtering and refilling pool for their family 100 years later. . . and it's beautiful to just look at too. I often wonder about the people that built the amazing stone farm walls through my town. . . how did they move all that rock and stack it up in 4' x 4' perfection? Rusty must've had a Native American relative here in Connecticut. The Pros and Pros of larger flagstone or small flagstone. . . I LOVED the fact that you don't like to consider 'Cons'. Looking at all aspects of the project positively is a great state of mind to start with. Your "romex" trick is worth the price of the whole compilation! That's it . . . I know that's too big to put into a banner endorsement, but you could tuck it into a review somewhere. Now isn't it about time to rename your pickup truck, The Multitorial Falcon? Later! BradCheck out Brad's New Comis Strip: Greenhouse! Used with permission!