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Famous Cartoonist Brad Gilchrist Endorses Multitorials

Nancy CartoonSyndicated Cartoonist: Brad Gilchrist Endorses Multitorials Revered cartoonist Brad Gilchrist (cartoonist for Nancy, Muppets, CT-Fan and the Greenhouse) purchased his Compilation and was so impressed he offered to endorse the Multitorials free of charge! Brad said it is an effort to let readers know that there purchase and their minds are in good hands with Rusty. "Rusty's Multitorials are like. . . Yoda with a grout bag - instead of a light saber." Read more...You Don't Have To Spend Money To Learn Here... :o) There are a lot of FREE tools and information sources here at The links on the left will take you to free professional estimating calculators, material calculators, newsletters stocked full of good advice, MS Excel Spreadsheets and much more. Check back and browse the "New Features" section where you will find the newest tools available for your use. Come on in and hang around a while, you may be surprised at what you will learn. Thanks for stopping by... and Happy Building! Rusty Cline, President, Monument Masonry, Inc.