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Shower With A Pro - a glass block DVD perfect companion to How to do glass block or a stand alone learning device.
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The fastest way to tie rebar on the planet Vertors are the best way to set your rebar and save labor time and money!
Straw Bale Patio - Blunders and Errors! Walls Pit falls to be careful of in building a straw bale patio wall. Rusty recently consulted on a rotten straw bale wall... see pictures and damage here...
Learn To Stamp Concrete Why is concrete stamping so poupular. Learn the trick. What does it really take to stamp concrete? Can you stamp concrete?
Preview of the Groovy Concrete video: Anatomy of A Pour
Rusty's laying adobe in 1958 :)
Nick Tooth's Retaining Wall Photo Journal Using my Retaining Wall Multitorial One my illustrious students, Nick Toth, built his own retaining walls in Fountain Hills, AZ - near Phoenix. Good job Nick thanks for the pictures and journal.
H-Block and T&G Block Calculator Free calculator that will tell you the amount of H-block and T&G you need for a 4x8x16 T&G wall.
Pond Volume Free calculator that will tell you the volume of your pond. It will calculate a Rounded Rectangle, a Circle, and Elipse or a Figure Eight.
Learn To Calculate Concrete! A free lesson in how to calculate concrete volumes in either bags of pre-mix or cubic yards.
Concrete Price Calculator! Free calculator that will tell you what your next project will cost based on your local concrete prices.
New Student Photos Are Here! View photos of jobs done by students.
Site Search Search this site for answers to questions about your up and coming projects.
Improve This Site A simple private for that will help you tell me what you'd like to see here.