Software Updates

Updates & New Multitorials Check the date beside each tutorial to see when it was last updated.  
  • Click here order your Update: Groovy Concrete 6.0 CD-ROM--- - 07-06-2014 Complete Overhaul... easier to navigate and read! New Video New Calculator - calculate anything made of concrete - SWEET! I can let you in on an old family secret and show you how to do concrete that looks just like Italian or Marble tile and what's more it is so easy you'll wonder why others haven't thought of it.
  • Block Retaining Walls - Holding Back The Earth 4.0 - 7/15/2013 New Navigation New Videos!!!! If a picture is worth a thousand words what is a video worth? Whether you are building a patio wall, retaining wall or just wanting to learn to lay block, this is the program for you. It covers all footing types, radius wall and straight walls and every thing you need to get your permit!
  • Ponds On A Budget 2.0 - 5/2/2012 Make your own Bio-Filter, Waterfall.  Liner, pump, lights, digging, filter & waterfall under $299.  Complete instructions for enjoying the sights and sounds of paradise in your very own backyard! I turn on the lights, kick back and listen to the natural sounds of water, while my troubles melt away. Truly a God send!
  • Brick,Block and Adobe Restoration 2.0 - 5/28/2013  Seamlessly fix broken, chipped, cracked and peeling brick, block or adobe.  With an original technique developed by Rusty, you can restore damaged walls permanently and beautifully.  This system is a must for anyone in the business - or - anyone with deteriorating walls.
  • Stone PatioSecrets Revealed 3.0 - 5/14/2013 New navigation Smoother look! The secrets the professionals don't want you to have.  Make the easiest miter cuts on stone you can possibly imagine using a tool I invented that you can make from a simple item at the hardware store.  Truly create a masterpiece with information available at no other source. Now great info on starting your own business.
  • Straw Bale Energy Revealed 5.0  - 7/15/2014 New Navigation smoother look... fixed two bugs. NEW 30 minutes of video on straw bale patio walls to the Multitorial. In the video I cover moisture. But even more importantly I cover getting the bales off of the ground in a simple way. I cover some new techniques that I invented in sewing the lath on a wall - it works like a bobbin on a sewing machine and will cut your lath time by 50%… and you don't need an special tools to make it work. Just use your sewing tool and one simple step to save hours of tedious lath/threading time. Also in the video I have some close up footage of plastering tips and tricks - I ewven used slow motion to demonstrate techniques - that are sure to help you save frustration and back breaking labor. New Navigation 
  • Glass Block Pro Tips & Tricks 3.0 - 5/14/2015 Now includes DVD Videos The Multitorial Download now includes the Glass Block DVD Video "Shower With a Pro", plus new code, now makes this process much more user friendly.  I go into the exact science of using new clips and spacers making this the easiest project to master.  What once took two or three years to teach someone, can now be done in a week utilizing the state-of-the-art inventions covered in this tutorial.  As with all the others there are calculators to tell you when where and how many of each part, block and cement that you will need.
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