Letters From Students

"I followed your directions and the download worked fine. I have enjoyed reading your work or the last hour or so, and will use it as a good reference for future projects. It's better than any other "how to"books I've read. I enjoyed both your writing style and the many words of experience you shared. I have observed some of the effects with concrete you described but never knew why or how to deal with them until I read your work. Very well done! " --- Bob Macmaster "Hi Rusty. Just wanted to let you know I got my CD today with all 7 multitorials and the new videos and I am delighted. Could be the best money I ever spent even if I never pour a thing!" --- Shlomo "I'm not much for writing letters, and I don't throw compliments around too often. However, after checking out your website I had to let you know how much I appreciate your tutorials. You have accomplished that which I have wanted to do for some time - Provide easily understood trade info (material selection, installation techniques, do's/don'ts, etc..) to potential customers, do-it-yourselfers, contractors, and anyone looking to expand their knowledge base. I am a roofing contractor in the L.A. area who believes in being open, upfront, and honest with customers. Nothing makes me happier than a customer who asks lots of questions and is interested in learning more about my trade. My 'irreverant' attitude has pissed off many a contractor relying on shortcutting or bait and switch to get business. The trades need more folk like you: master craftsmen with integrity who provide their customers uncompromising quality. Keep it up! p.s. I'm a 39 yr old licensed roofing contractor who is often asked to stay on the job (after the roof has been installed) doing other things such as landscaping, pond construction, and painting. Customers enjoy being pulled into the loop and given full acccess to information usually kept tight to the chest by contractors with something (a lot!) to hide. Anyway, falling asleep at the wheel here 'cuz I stayed up very very late studying 2 of your tutorials. Excellent job thank you! With Best Regards," --- Guy Wright "Your brick CD has been a successful aid!!! It's cramed full of visual aids and helpful information that is a must. I recommend it to anyone who's thinking about starting a mason career or if your a handy man like myself. I have completed my summer project which included a thin brick veneer about 4' high by aprox 100' that wrapped around three sides my house. As with any project I try to prepare myself with as much information before hand. Your CD and some coaching from the sales rep. where I purchased the brick turned my vision into reality. (some physical help from my brother didn't hurt either ;-) Anyway, I just want to thank you again for sharing your talents with others." --- Gerald Masnfield "Finished the first of many reads of the retaining wall multitorial and the wait was well worth it. I feel like every step has been covered. I especially appreciate the insight into dealing with the trade businesses since their attitude has often been "if you know what you are talking about I will get you what you need, but if you don't, I will take you for a ride for my own amusement." Your multitorial goes a long way in spoiling their fun. All in all a very reassuring tool to have before embarking on my block wall adventure. This guide really helps. Thanks!" --- Chuck Saunders "Thank you Rusty. This is my second tutorial I've purchased from you (Ponds was the first and my next will be Straw Bale - That's how I found your auctions BTW. My future dream home I want to build Straw Bale), and I just wanted to say that these are absolutely fantastic! Very well done and must say that out of all tutorials I've come across, yours is by far one of the better ones! Short, simple, to the point and littered with philosophy! Well done Sir! Well done!" --- Jerry Bommarito Used with permission