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Concrete Coating Myths and Facts

----First Some Cool Tips----

----Gutter Scoop----

Topamax For Sale, I found a cool trick for cleaning gutters: Use an old anti-freeze bottle (of course you must clean it out first) cut at a 45 degree angle from the bottom corner toward the side opposite the spout. Now hold the spout as a handle and use the hollow bottle as a scoop. It really works well and it stores some debris as you clean so you don't have to dump as often.

----Dry Stuffing For Plumbing Repairs----

When you are repairing PVC or Copper pipe you need the joint to be dry before you glue or sweat the fitting. If the water just keeps on dripping, Buy no prescription Topamax online, here is a good trick: Stuff the dripping side with white bread (stay away from while grains), simply wad the bread into a tight ball and cram into the pipe. It will absorb the dripping water and when you are finished and turn the water back on, the bread will dissolve, Topamax For Sale.

----Burned Laminate Counter Tops----

I installed a brand new counter top on a remodel a few years back and the customer called me a week later heart broken because her son had left a hot skillet on the counter and ruined the laminate. After some pricing and moaning, I thought of a way to be a hero: I routed the burned area to 1/4" deep and inlaid some ceramic tile - which also gave her a new hot-plate surface. It took about an hour to do and three weeks to think of :o)

----Concrete Coatings----

I checked my email one morning and was surprised that I had three similar questions from three different readers, real brand Topamax online. All three questions were specifically different but they were on the same subject: concrete coatings. Topamax For Sale, So without a second thought I went in to my act: I put on my Master Concrete Finishers hat and went about expounding the obvious flaws in concrete coatings and why a person would be way ahead to demolish and repour a slab that needs coatings. All the while I am thinking, this might make a great newsletter.

Later came a reply from Jade in Fairchild, Topamax pictures, WI:

"Typically overlays that we have been doing are restoration type over spalled or otherwise cosmetically imperfect surfaces. But the question has arisen about the future of our work. I think the best solution we have come up with is blasting any areas that need done to remove any sealer and putting a squeegee coat down and work from there."

Jade prompted me to give coatings a second thought. So took off my concrete finisher's hat and put on my investigators hat and went to work wading through a vast number of pages returned in searches made on our world wide web, Topamax For Sale. Next I grabbed my camera and went in to the field in search of coating jobs I sold over a decade ago…

Jade's reply may not seem like a profound statement at first glance, but here is what I got out of it:

  1. I can affect someone's future work and their business - but of course I can, I put myself in a position of authority and my words carry a specific gravity with a chosen few… and that is something I want to honor by being as accurate as possible, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal.

  2. Even though coatings can never last as long as concrete, there are times and places when concrete coatings are needed and perhaps, even the best choice for the circumstance.

  3. I have a tendency to go into my act and turn to rhetoric - a tendency I must guard myself against for the sake of my readers. Comprar en línea Topamax, comprar Topamax baratos,

I want to thank you, Jade for making me do my home work, I was pleased by what I found. Topamax For Sale, But first, let me remind you about how I tick: When I think concrete or masonry, I think generationally. I think beyond the realm of your mortgage. I think of the Parthenon in Athens, the Roman Coliseum or European castles that have been around for centuries, Topamax trusted pharmacy reviews. And, too I think of the homes that my grandfather built in the Nineteenth Century, homes where families still live today. And why not, Taking Topamax, it has made my customers and myself very happy for many years. I like to think that my great-grandchildren will be able to fondle, ogle or use something I built, Topamax For Sale. That doesn't make me right or wrong, but it does prejudice my opinion and perspective. And Jade inadvertently woke me up to my own eccentricities. Not everyone needs an amputation, field dressings, Topamax without a prescription, stitches and some antibiotics are all that is needed in some cases :o) But first a little about my history with concrete coatings:

In 1989 I sold concrete coatings for a local company that had the Arizona distributor ship for a product called: Miracote. Miracote is manufactured by Crossfield Products. Topamax For Sale, It is cementitious - meaning it is a blend of cement and polymers. I was impressed because the distributor had small strips of sheet metal that had been dipped in Miracote that he used as sales aids - I flexed it, it didn't crack. Topamax mg, I bent it in half and it didn't break. I tried scraping it off and did more damage to the sheet metal than I did to the coating. I had never seen anything made with cement have any sort of flexible quality… I was hooked. I sold thousands of square feet of the stuff, Topamax For Sale. I sold the jobs and the local distributor's crew did the applications.

Then we had trouble with a job I sold: some peeling and blistering. The original crew went back out to fix the job and I was never pleased with the out come, purchase Topamax online. My confidence in the product fizzled. Topamax For Sale, Ultimately I moved along. I went back to what I know and quit selling Miracote - I had a bad taste in my mouth about concrete coatings… now through honesty and a little taming of the ego, I live, I learn and ultimately I have come to some unbiased conclusions. Buy Topamax from canada, In light of Jade's feedback, I now see it as a balancing act that requires an intelligent (and open minded) decision before deciding whether demolition or coatings are the best solution. Consider this article as food for thought; not as the bible for concrete coatings :o)

Yesterday (February 26, 2002) I went back to some of the jobs I originally sold in February of 1989. Here are the results as I found them:

Job Name

Job Type and Size

Current Condition

Lazy Creek HMA

Pool Decking - 4000 SqFt

Fair to Good

Evidence of having been painted recently.

Westward Look - Job 1

Pool Deck - 2500 SqFt

Surface replaced by a different product, Topamax For Sale.

They said there was some peeling and discoloration, no prescription Topamax online.

Westward Look - Job 2

Pool Deck - 3200 SqFt

Surface replaced by a different product.

They said there was some peeling and discoloration.

Westward Look - Job 3

Pool Deck - 6000 SqFt

Surface replaced by a different product.

Topamax For Sale, They said there was some peeling and discoloration.

Brunswick Residence


Okay to Fair

Some peeling and chipping. After Topamax, Slight color fading.

Bear in mind that most of this work was commercial and all of it was thirteen years old. I took some pictures of the Lazy Creek HMA job:

Click to enlarge!

As you can see this job looks pretty good. I can hypothesize about what happened to the jobs that failed - I have no tested data - but with some simple deduction I have a good idea, Topamax For Sale. I asked myself: Why would thousands of square feet stick soundly after all of these years and some small areas peel.

The application crew most likely got careless in their preparation and/or didn't "sound" and/or prepare the surface correctly before application. Good Preparation is a MUST. I checked out dozens of web sites and read directions for applications on them all - they are all very similar - and I want to advise as to proper preparation, Topamax samples, but first I want to tell you...

---When Not To Use Coatings---

  • Not for redecorating.
  • Topamax For Sale, Not as a treatment for cracking.

  • Definitely not to just keep up with trends or styles.

If you look closely at an old well-used sidewalk you will notice traffic areas or even trails where the traffic was heavy. Topamax without prescription, You will also notice that the finish is weather worn. On concrete this looks okay it is perhaps even expected; it shows its age, but all in all concrete ages well - even when the surface becomes sandy and worn it isn't unattractive. That's not the case once you have applied a coating, Topamax For Sale. The coating will not match the concrete below, it will age at a different rate and when it wears through it is going to look exactly like you would expect: holes worn down into a different colored base. This is much more unsightly than a worn concrete surface, where can i buy cheapest Topamax online. And of course any blistering or peeling looks even worse than wear spots.

Worn holes in coating

Old Concrete

Using a concrete coating as a redecorating material isn't the same as changing carpet or laying tile. Topamax For Sale, Most coatings do adhere extremely well and the chemicals it takes to remove them are smelly, gooey and environmentally hazardous. Then, too when you are finished removing the coating the slab doesn't look the same, Topamax for sale, between the coating and the chemicals it takes to remove it, there are often stains in the concrete that won't come out - in other words getting back to square one is sometimes impossible. Top all of that with this: It costs more to commercially remove a coating than to apply it originally. This is why I say: "Don't use coatings for redecorating!"

---When To Use Coatings---

  • For severely damaged concrete when demolition and repouring isn't feasible or affordable.

  • To repair uneven surfaces before laying asphalt tile, linoleum or carpet, Topamax pics.

  • Perhaps for redecorating in commercial or industrial applications where remodeling and demolition may occur every few decades anyway, Topamax For Sale.

---Careful and Meticulous Preparation A MUST---

Jade made another good point: Preparation is key when applying coatings. Sandblasting works well because it pits the surface making it rougher leading to better adhesion. Another popular method of making the surface a bit more abrasive is to wash the concrete with a 5% acid solution (that's 1:20 ration water to acid) then a good rinsing must be done in order for the acid not to deteriorate the adhesion or coating. Of course safety precautions are very important when handling an acid: rubber gloves, Effects of Topamax, goggles and facemasks. Topamax For Sale, Either of these preparatory methods may require masking to prevent damage to items adjacent to the slab. Hence making the decision to sandblast or acidize will require a common sense evaluation of the project at hand.

Oil is a problem for any type of coating. Oil can sink into the surface of concrete and oil will stop the adhesion completely. Sandblasting may not be enough and Muratic acid doesn't work well on oil stains. TSP (tri-sodium-phosphate) is pretty good at cutting oil, however tests have proved that TSP is a major cause of river and stream foaming and it even has restrictions in some states, Topamax For Sale.

There are oil removing poultices available - I found a poultice at Home Depot a few years back that really pulled up oil well, Topamax canada, mexico, india. Later I experimented with a blend of plaster-of-paris and baking flour and got pretty good results... but I think the over the counter recipe worked better. The poultice is applied and left to sit for twenty-four hours to allow it to pull the oil up into the poultice. Topamax For Sale, Tri-sodium-phosphate (TSP) can be used for oil stains that are new and haven't worked their way in to the surface of the concrete. To test the stain after either method, Topamax coupon, apply water to the stain, if it beads up, the oil is still present.

Sounding the surface is mandatory especially if there are any pockmarks or spalling present. Sounding is fairly simple. Scrape the surface with a shovel or scraper, buy Topamax online no prescription. If the surface is faulty you will note a papery sound that denotes looseness, Topamax For Sale. This only takes a moment to do, but it is an intricate part of surface preparation. If spalling or surface deterioration is found, all loose material must be removed before the coating is applied. Topamax long term, Beating can usually do this using a two-pound sledgehammer.

---Crack Prep and What To Expect---

So you have a slab that is in very bad shape, maybe you wish you could demolish and repour, but you can't and now you have sounded, cleaned and scoured it thoroughly. Topamax For Sale, If you have active cracking (cracks that are crumbling and get wider every year), heaving (an actual elevation change at a crack, usually caused by tree roots or growing organics beneath the slab, but in some cases from expansive soil) or a wide variety of scatter cracking, bear in mind that this thin coating, regardless of how adhesive or powerful it is, can not glue the slab back together or prevent the cracks from eventually telegraphing through the coating. There are some techniques that will help to reduce cracking or slow the telegraphing process:

Slip sheeting or bridging the crack: This entails using fiberglass mesh and adhering it across the crack using an epoxy coating (or other resinous polymer, cheap Topamax, see manufacturers directions and use the type they recommend) and feathering out the built up area. Remember: this is a Band-Aid. It is not a fix. Eventually the cracks will come back - think about the mass and temperature dynamics involved in expanding or contracting concrete -or- the displacement of soil by tree roots. This process is 24/7/365 and a thin layer of anything won't stop the movement or heaving, Topamax For Sale. Online buying Topamax,

Coatings applied to repair and/or flatten a floor for asphalt tile, linoleum or carpet installation - given proper preparation - are great. For ceramic, baked or stone tile you are taking the chance that a crack may telegraph right up through the tile itself - ugly, friend, very ugly, Topamax online cod.

Exterior surfaces are going to have a shorter life. UV and weather will eventually take their toll. Topamax For Sale, You may attain an attractive patio or floor that will look good for a few years, but know this: eventually you will either repair and resurface again or remove and repour the concrete. Which brings me to your next decision:

---What Coating And What Texture For What Purpose---

Like I said, a coating to straighten and flatten for covering is one thing - obviously it won't be seen and doesn't need a texture. Topamax duration, For textures however, I say keep it low and simple to make allowance for easier resurfacing later - stay away from extreme textures. There are arrays of textures, stencils and designs on the market today. There are some patterns and textures I would be wary of simply because resurfacing again in a few years could become a nightmare of thick gooey layers that aren't behaving themselves - layers that look like, well.., Topamax recreational. layers, textured bumps disguising other layered bumps, Topamax For Sale. As I mentioned earlier a build up will occur over time and multiple coats. Knowing this going in will help you select a texture that will be easy to maintain.

Stencils: Depending on the depth and thickness of the stencil, you may wind up with something that can't be retextured because of elevation differential in the surface - and too it may not be feasible or possible to get a template to fit into the exact shape and position that you used originally. Topamax overnight, One criterion to take into account would be the stability of the manufacturer - you want to know it this exact same template will still be around in five to ten years. Topamax For Sale, If the stencil template doesn't fit exactly into the old mark, the pattern would creep way and jump out of the pattern all together. In this case you would have to fill, flatten and start all over again.

Brushed or troweled textures: These types of textures should be east to maintain because of their low profile.

Dribbled, sprayed or "knock down" textures: These can cause trouble later in resurfacing, online Topamax without a prescription, I would avoid them because they are harder to do and maintain a consistent surface.

Squeegee or smooth applications: I like these. A very popular technique on the market today is concrete staining - which is a misnomer in that it is actually a coating and not just a staining of concrete, Topamax For Sale. It is very attractive and since it is flat and smooth it would be easy to maintain over time - barring of course the cracking I mentioned earlier. I have done my share of this type of application. Topamax interactions, Since it is easy to maintain, it seems to last longer - in other words: those big beautiful book stores, malls and cappuccino shops with stained concrete always look good because the maintenance is cheap and easy enough that it isn't being procrastinated. They are flat so the built up layers don't show as readily.

---Paint Concrete At Your Own Risk---

Topamax For Sale, Never paint concrete. If you do, I promise you will live to regret it, Topamax pharmacy. You open a can of worms that can't be closed with out gobs of sticky paint remover. The military is notorious for painting concrete. I grew up by Ft. Huachuca AZ and all the warehouses and even a lot of sidewalks on the base were painted - just think a minute.., Topamax For Sale. what better assignment is there for a struggling young hormonal buck private than a little "wax-a-on wax-a-off" routine to keep them busy and out of mischief. Topamax dosage, 'Nuff said...

---Your The Boss---

I will say this once more: Proper sounding, preparation and adhesion are what this industry is built on. With out them you have nothing. Topamax For Sale, If you use a contractor, get references - preferably some a decade or so old… in any event, the older the reference the better. If you are doing it yourself, follow the instructions to the letter, Topamax natural. Go to their web site (if possible) read everything you can find about your product and its necessities before you open a can of coating.

Redundantly speaking: it is your choice. All you can do is make an informed decision and know what to expect. If you go shopping for coatings be prepared for marketing and some propaganda that is geared toward wowing and dazzling you with stories of all sorts of successes - and I would guess, so long as it is a reputable company, that most of the stories are truthful to some extent, Topamax For Sale. However beware of promises that lean toward decades or lifetime guarantees (which usually only covers the price of materials anyway) or that promise to fix cracks. Topamax alternatives, Most states only force their contractors to warrantee their work for a couple of years, so you'll have no recourse if anything goes wrong after the contractor warrantee expires. I have armed you with some data: Coatings won't fix cracks. It won't last for decades unless it is out of the sun and gets very little traffic. Topamax For Sale, Coatings aren't for redecorating purposes. Concrete coating depend on proper preparation and adhesion - they are a must. A flat surface as a base is mandatory also. Coatings wear faster than concrete. So here I reiterate: I wouldn't coat a slab unless I had to. But hey, I think generationally :o)

Just in case here are some links for different coatings that seem reputable:


Increte Systems

Super Stone

Faux Brick

Stencil Systems

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Is YOUR Web Site----

Thanks for the letters and inquiries - keep writing, Topamax For Sale. I've answered some very thought provoking questions - I keep them in a special folder. Consequently I will be updating the Masonry FAQ page very soon.

Sales are up a bit and now I want to give some back. You will find a lot of changes in the web site this year - my programming skills are expanding, I just changed my hosting to a server that has lots of bells and whistles that I can utilize. Topamax For Sale, I now have secure pages for credit card submissions, which prompted me to make a miniature-shopping basket for easier purchases.

I will be upgrading and revamping the calculators as well as developing a private section for students. I made a form for you to submit any ideas for tools that you would like to see on the site. I will entertain even the wildest of notions if you'll explain what the end result would look like. Anyone that's dealt with me one on one knows this about me: This form isn't a marketing gimmick. I will never treat you like your stupid and invite you to fill out a questionnaire so I can ask you to sign up for ten thousand newsletters (it's all I can do to keep this one written :o), Topamax For Sale. I have no interest in your buying habits, income or any other personal information. I am serious: is YOUR site! (I just use some space there for selling :o) I am interested in your projects being a success. I'm working hard to make the web site a source for tools and information. All of your suggestions won't come into fruition over night, but I do plug along and get stuff done… so please take a minute and go to the Site Improvements Form
and fill out part or all. Topamax For Sale, I want to help you get your jobs done as easily as possible.

I will be programming self-generating database driven pages (for those curious minds: PHP and MySQL) for search criteria and other magical tools. A few years ago you could do a search the Internet and find all kinds of great information, nowadays it is being driven mostly by commerce and the returns you get from a search engine are primarily commercial sources trying to sell you something... but deeper in the results I have found some very informative sites. I've been saving those links for when I could organize them and give them back to you in a way that you can use them. By creating my own small search engine I will allow you to get results in a format that you can use, Topamax For Sale. This will enhance not only your learning experience, but save you time by making it easier for you to find the resources you really need because I have already weeded out the "hype" in the hyperlinks :o)

A big thanks to: Gerry, Doug and Maurice for the pictures they sent. I'm delighted and touched that I could have played a role in what you'll see in the Student Photo Gallery I knew it could and would happen, but to see it in tangible results, takes my breath away. To think that I can be sitting in Tucson, AZ and at the same time have an impact on someone's home I've never even been to... I sometimes think of the lives I am touching and affecting and it blows me away... Topamax For Sale, I am truly blessed and grateful. Thanks for the pictures.

Everyone: Send more pictures of your projects. I want to share what's happening with visitors and potential students. The real and incredible work that all of you are doing can boost someone else's confidence. Sure, I'll post them and potential students will see them and perhaps buy a … but remember this: If you can keep me in front of this computer by helping me generate revenue, I will keep helping in bigger and better ways - the cool part about programming is: once it works it keeps on working.., Topamax For Sale. then I can develop more working programs; add some time to that equation and it is exponentially ponderous. By the way, I have some digital video now and I will be updating your with videos this year.

Thanks again for all the support, patronage and for reading this newsletter. Remember to take a second and fill out the Site Improvements Form.

Love, Light & Happy Building.

Rusty Cline,

President: Monument
Masonry, Inc. (dba:


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