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I started in the masonry/concrete industry when I was a child working for my father and I became a mason in 1974. I have picked up alot of tricks and tips to make any kind of project easier. I have been writing and correlating that information and have begun sending periodical newsletters to current customers and subscribers. NOTE: I will not divulge any email addresses or information that I acquire about you either in a purchase or newsletter subscription.  I like what I do and will never sell, distribute or even give your personal information away in any way shape or form with out your permission (I have placed students with similar interestes in contact with each other but I always ask the permission of both parties first). To sign up for our newsletter, just fill in the form below and it will be sent via email to me personally.  This is not be a letter crammed with ads and boring junk, it is an informative, straight forward periodical that will help you save money, get the job done faster, safer and to shop better bids. Use the Archive Links to read past issues of the newsletter. Love, Light & Happy Building! Rusty Cline, President: Monument Masonry, Inc.