How to do Concrete Stamped and Flat Finishes

Groovy Concrete

Groovy Concrete

GROOVY CONCRETE Version 6.0 How to Pour Stamped Concrete - Concrete Designs Tiled Concrete Impressions This Multitorial has been updated dozens of times since 1999

Groovy Concrete Stamping CD-ROM

Groovy Concrete Stamping CD-ROM

Sometimes an animation is better than a video.... Sometimes a video is better... we use both! This is not a DVD it is better! The multitorial has built in calculators to calculate the complex stuff like:
  • Concrete Volume
  • Excavation Volume
  • Form Quantities
  • Reinforcement Quantities
  • Excavation Volume
  • Necessary Surface Slope for Drainage
3-IN-1 How To Pour and Stamp Concrete Learning System
Video: "Anatomy of a Pour"Groovy Concrete Includes a Professionally Edited and Narrated Video Click Here For Short Preview

Anatomy of a Pour will guide you through everything you need from the moment your concrete truck arrives until you get ready to stamp concrete, broom concrete, steel trowel concrete or do an exposed aggregate finish. In conjunction with Groovy Concrete the MULTITORIAL ® you will be armed and ready to pour your own concrete patio, driveway, walkway or house floor.  Anatomy of a Pour will teach you to use all of your concrete tools: come-a-long, jitter bug, bull float, screed, wood float, steel trowel, magneseum float, edger, groover, screed ridge, bull nosed trowel and many more!

"Simply Stamping" A professionally edited and narrated 15 minute video and pictorial that will walk you through the everything you need to know to stamp your own concrete. Stamping concrete is actually easy! Hop scotch your stamps pounding them into the concrete surface... the hard part of pouring concrete is the stuff I teach you in the MULTITORIAL ®: How to set forms How to grade How to set elevations How to set reinforcement How to excavate How to get the water off How to stamp concrete is actually a very easy process. The video "Simply Stamping" will explain the use of concrete retardants, concrete coloring and stamp releasing agents. "Groovy Concrete MULTITORIAL ® Will Teach You How To...
  • Concrete Embeds
  • Concrete Reinforcing (re-in-for-cement)
  • Flat Concrete
  • Broomed Concrete
  • Tiled Concrete Impressions (Faux Tile that lasts forever)
  • Exposed Aggregate Concrete
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Colorful Concrete Designs
  • Float, trowel and finish concrete
  • Set concrete forms
  • Pour exposed aggregate concrete
Included: CALCULATORS Fully functional PRE-PROGRAMMEDcalculators to estimate : materials, professional bids for selling jobs, calculate fill, calculate concrete and grout quantities!!! Simply Enter The Dimensions & Get The Material List no special math required (calculators included in program)

The entire program videos and all are available in a self installing download - 260 megs - you will need a high-speed connection. Professional Tiled Concrete Quick Easy & Beautiful Treasured Concrete Secrets secrets the pro's don't want you to have 35 Years In The Masonry Business 3 Generations Of Experience

Included in the Multitorial FREE: CALCULATORS Fully functional calculators to estimate: all material needs even get professional bids for selling jobs, calculate fill, calculate concrete and grout quantities!!! Simply Enter The Dimensions & Get The Answers no special math required Books can't interact with your learning process... Try getting a book calculate all of your material needs! (calculators included in program)

The Multitorial will teach you:

  • Concrete Design Techniques
  • Pattern Layout
  • To Establish Concrete Elevations
  • Estimate Your Excavation or Fill
  • To Set Concrete Forms
  • To Lay Out Pool Decks
  • Concrete Reinforcement - When & Where
  • How to Prevent Concrete Cracking
  • How To Mix Concrete
  • How To Pour Concrete
  • How To Finish Concrete
  • Passive Solar Design Integration
  • The Concrete Tools & Hardware You Need
  • How To Use Your Concrete Tools
  • More... Much More!!

We have trained thousands! We have had thousands of homeowners pour their own concrete, we can train you, too! This is the real thing - it's state of the art easy to follow information! Down to earth advice on tools, purchase, safety and proper usage.

What is a Multitorial?

  • Is it a video? Yes! There are videos in Groovy Concrete. No it is not a DVD.
  • Is it a book? No, but you can print. A book is static and doesn't interact with you or calculate your materials. Plus in order to update a book it must be republished and printed - I update the Multitorials any time new information comes out or when good questions are sent in by students.
  • Is this an E-Book? Along that line, but carried a step further by including the calculators, videos and animations.
  • Are the calculators separate? No, they are built into the Multitorial. The calculators are an intricate part of allowing you to do it yourself because they free your learning processes to only having to commit to memory the necessary steps and techniques and not having to learn a lot of geometric calculations and conversions for areas, volumes etc.

SAVE UP TO 80% OR GO INTO BUSINESS FOR YOURSELF!!! MAKE $600/day: Buy Only The Materials - Provide Your Labor, Which Is Now Worth $50.00/hr or more!
ON LINE 24/7 E-MAIL SUPPORT E-mail your questions for an immediate response 7 days a week. I am dedicated to your sucess and I will be your mentor during your project!
STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY Make Your Work Last For Generations - Well Beyond Your Mortgage
GROOVES AND TILING: Tricks Even Beginners Can Follow For Perfect Joints, Textures, Colors and Grout
INCREASE THE VALUE OF YOUR HOME: Install A Patio, Sidewalk, Walkway or Floor That Will Return $$$ At Sell Time
AT THE VERY LEAST UNDERSTAND YOUR BIDS! Pouring concrete is a lot of work. If, after studying the Multitorial? you decide that you don't want to tackle your project, you will now be able to ask the correct questions of bidders so you will be assured your bids are an apple-to-apple comparison.

Color can be added to the concrete after it is poured? - My tip just saved you 20% of your delivered concrete cost!

A commonly known fact: air entrainment in cement makes it more durable! Tip: A certain brand of household SOAP will add air to your concrete mix- you can save another 15% on concrete prices. With facts like these and hundreds of tips and tricks, you are well on your way to a do-it-yourself project that is truly a PROFESSIONAL MASTERPIECE!!!

One Of A Kind Program! Original Information & Illustrations

Information You Won't Find In Any Book -Even Books That Cost Much Much More! With These Tricks You Could Start Your Own Business!!

Concrete Trade schools charge thousands of dollars for the information I will send you. I have had an apprentice with only two weeks experience go out and make over $1000 in one week-end. You can too!

The trick to any skilled craft is to be prepared: have a good plan, high-grade materials, proper tools and last but not least quality craftsmanship.

This detailed fully illustrated Multitorial? will fill that list. Everything you need to know to pour quality concrete is in your kit. Read your new Multitorial?, buy a few tools and materials and you will be entertaining or just lounging around on your first class tiled concrete patio, swimming pool deck or passive solar floor collector, in no time at all.

Learn the tricks of clean up - one of the most important steps when you work with cement. Design your own Concrete Patio, Concrete Walkway or Concrete Floor from step by step instructions, or use pre-drawn schematics fully modifiable for most any project. Thorough steps in selecting design & layout! Lots of sample ideas -with links to even more.

After 35 years of building and designing in yards just like yours, I can assure you: To stand back and feel fulfilled by a job well done that you know will out last your lifetime is a rich and rewarding experience!

Now available on all Operating Systems! Mac, Linux, Windows

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