Multitorial: Multi-Media-Tutorial

Multitoriasl® A New Way To Learn! I Sell Multitorials® - I Invented Them! Over happy customers! What's A Multitorial?Multitorial? is a multimedia tutorial that utilizes the interactive ability of your computer to empower your learning process! Taking you from ground zero to a completed project faster than books or videos! No Risk Guarantee: "If You Are Not Satisfied, Your Money Back! No Questions - No Bull!" Each Multitorial? features:
  • Pre-Programmed Calculators For All Material Needs
  • Pre-Programmed Calculators To Help With Layout and Design
  • Animations Of Specific Techniques
  • Illustrations For All Steps
  • Easy To Follow Step By Step Directions
  • Previously Undisclosed Techniques
  • Secrets Developed By A Master With Decades of Experience
  • Tips & Tricks To Save Time and Back-ache
  • Complete Tool List and How To Use Them
  • Material Lists For Every Project
  • Work Smart & Safe
  • MORE, Much More!!!
  • You can't beat this price, for this quality, anywhere!
  • Plus You Get Me As Your Mentor - I answer any and all questions, just write me!
What's so great about having me as your mentor? My name is Rusty, I have been a mason for over 35 years and I have been dabbling at computer programming for the past six! As a master of the concrete and masonry trade I'll have you feeling like a pro in nothing flat! What makes my Multitorials? so different from books or printed information? The evolutionary process that each and every Multitorial? goes through. If you don't understand something or if it doesn't fit your scenario all you have to do is email me. I will not only answer your question - using illustrations, animations and calculators if necessary - and email it back to you; then I will include the answer into the Multitorial? and release an update. FREE Updates FOR LIFE! Once you purchase one of my Multitorials? you are my student and all of my students get free updates for the Multitorial? they purchased FOR LIFE! Still have questions about Multitorials?? Check out the FAQ Page -or - see the Multitorials Page To See Specifics About Each Multitorial? - Click Below
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How Did All This Happen?

I began writing and programming the Multitorials? as an experiment to sell on eBay, I never dreamed so many people would love them or that they would do so well.  From the hundreds of emails I get that praise the way the Multitorials? work, I would say it is a unique and efficient learning experience that, for some reason, no one else has used.  I started programming  the estimating calculators, that are available on the Estimating page, for masonry customers and prospects - a great way to get a bid with out having to set an appointment.  Then I wrote brief tutorials - a quick smattering of masonry applications.  Soon, local traffic generated from my ads in Tucson, began emailing me with more specific questions and I began spending hours of "free time" answering the emails.  That was when the idea hit me:  Even when folks had the math, words and some pictures at their disposal there was still some confusion about specific techniques, tool use and figuring quantities for material break downs. One thing has lead to another and now I find myself operating a full time Multitorial? business. I have 15 Multitorials? slated for this year.  It looks as though you can expect over the next few years to see scores of Multitorials? here to help you do everything from building an entire home, to building a Kitty Condominium. If you have any doubts about my integrity or if a purchase from me would be safe:  I am beginning to make part of my living now on the internet and I will not jeopardize that!  Over 20,000 Multitorials? are being used by happy students!