Frequently Asked Questions About Multitorials: [caption id="attachment_238" align="alignleft" width="299" caption="Multitorials take all the work out of learning!"]Pencil pushing calculator buttons[/caption]What's a multitorial?
  • I call it a Multitorial because it utilizes all the best of multimedia interactivity. You will find calculators to retrieve material needs, and help with your design and layout. You will find animations that depict actual techniques involved in specific applications. Some or our Multitorials have interactive tests (they will all soon have this feature) to better help you remember what you have learned. I am not sure why no one else in the industry is teaching this way - I guess they haven't thought of combining all the multimedia effects a computer has to offer. You will find that Multitorial learning will be fun, quick and thorough.
  • Is this a DVD?
  • No, but the Multitorial has videos and animations which will show you the application of specific techniques. When we first started building Multitorials there were no streaming videos online, every time the internet and computers change so do our multitorials. So, remember, you get FREE updates on any Multitorial you purchase for life, so as the Multitorial improves, you get these improvements for free, regardless of the existing price Vs the price you paid.
  • Is this a book, an e-book or an PDF file?
  • A Multitorial is a book from the perspective that there are many pages of text, and each page is easily printable to carry with you to your project or favorite reading spot. It is similar to a PDF or an e-book or in that the text is viewed on your monitor. But e-books and books don't come with built in calculators or animations. PDFs can't run the JavaScript for our calculators, videos and animations. No book can do what our Multitorials can do because a book or e-book is in static text and illustration for and cannot interact with you like a Multitorial can.
  • Are the calculators seperate?
  • No, the calculators do not come separately. They are pre-programmed and built into the Multitorial. This is part of the magic... you can focus on learning the techniques and steps to building your desired project instead of memorizing mathematical formulas - I do it all for you, I even explain how and where you will acquire the dimensions you need, and then explain where to use them in the calculators. The calculators will return: material quantities, size of items, layout dimensions - each program has specific calculators based on its own special needs. [caption id="attachment_239" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Screen Shot of Groovy Concrete"]screen shot groovy concrete[/caption]There is no substitute for math when it comes to working in construction, some of the calculators - like a couple in the Straw Bale Energy Revealed Multitorial, incorporate hundreds of calculations, all with the click of a single button! Just like the calculators on our calculator site.
  • Will this run on Mac or Linux?
  • The CD-Rom version will run on Macintosh and Linux OS. I am still working on a download for Macintosh and Linux systems they will be available later.
  • Is the download the same as the CD-ROM?
  • Identical in content and operation.