Concrete Cool Deck Calculator

Use this Concrete Cool Deck Calculator to calculator the 90# bags of cool deck you will need to coat your pool deck area with a coating that will keep your concrete cool in the summer!
pool deck

Cool Deck Calculator
Width: Feet Inches Length: Feet Inches
You Need: Bags of Cool Deck
These calculators are fairly striped down. In the Multirorials the calculators retrieve complete lists e.g.
For Concrete you don't get just cubic yards, you would get:
  • Bags of Pre-mix
  • Full Bags of Portland / PSI Mix
  • Half Bags of Portland / PSI Mix
  • Yards of Aggregate
  • Yards of Fill
  • Pounds of Fill
  • Rebar
  • Mesh
  • And of Course once you know the volumes and quantities we teach you
  • How to do concrete,
  • How to do ponds,
  • How to do stone patios and walkways,
  • How to do straw bale,
  • How to do block walls,
  • How to do glass block windows, walls & showers DVD,
  • How to do brick block and adobe repairs.