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Slump Block Patio Wall Estimator

Slump Block Patio Wall

To use the calculator: Make a Plan Gather your dimensions Enter Dimensions into Calculator 8\” Slump Patio Wall Estimate Length: Feet Inches – Height: Feet Inches &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Threshold $ Cond A $ Cond B $ Cond C $ Premier $

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Patio Wall Styles 4\” Fence Block 4\” refers to the width of the wall. 6\” T&G or CMU (Cement Masonry Unit Either T&G or standard CMU 6\” walls can save you some money over the price of an 8\” wall and as long as you keep them 6 feet high or shorter, you can feel confident, that when properly built they can last the duration of your mortgage and beyond – depending on trees, planters and other destructive forces.