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4″ & H-Block Patio Wall Calculator

Masonry Wall

Enter the dimensions of your wall (stay away from inches in the length – just round up to the next foot) and the calculator will return the quantiy of H-Block, 4″ T&G Block (known as stretchers) and even your halves. This calculator will even calculate the rebar for your patio wall, calculate the concrete for your patio wall, basically all the materials for a small patio wall.

Most Incredible Block Wall Estimator!

Estimating costs of all sorts of patio walls this free calculator is pretty amazing! Stone, Block, Stucco, Brick, Adobe all your patio walls are here!

Slump Block Patio Wall Estimator

Slump Block Patio Wall

To use the calculator: Make a Plan Gather your dimensions Enter Dimensions into Calculator 8\” Slump Patio Wall Estimate Length: Feet Inches – Height: Feet Inches &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Threshold $ Cond A $ Cond B $ Cond C $ Premier $

Concrete Block Wall Styles

Masonry Wall

Patio Wall Styles 4\” Fence Block 4\” refers to the width of the wall. 6\” T&G or CMU (Cement Masonry Unit Either T&G or standard CMU 6\” walls can save you some money over the price of an 8\” wall and as long as you keep them 6 feet high or shorter, you can feel confident, that when properly built they can last the duration of your mortgage and beyond – depending on trees, planters and other destructive forces.

Wall Conditions Layout and Dimensioning

To Estimate a Hexagon: We will keep it simple, just measure the diameter, then request theHexagonal Estimator, enter the diameter and click \”Estimate\”. Condition A Estimate This price will reflect one or possibly two of thebargain estimate conditions not being met.