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Concrete Rectangle and Circle Calculator

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Concrete Patio and Exposed Aggregate Bid Calculator

Concrete Calculator

This calculator will give you a price range that will tell you whether your contractor is high or low: Concrete Patio Prices: Enter Length: Enter Width: Patio Style 4\” Thick Bargain Price Circumstance A Circumstance B Circumstance C Premier Standard Concrete $ $ $ $ $ Exposed Aggregate Concrete $ $ $ $ $ For a complete list of your concrete mix, reinforcement, remesh and material needs and to save thousands of dollars, get Groovy Concrete

Concrete Fill and Grade Calculator

Better than a belt buckle calculator

Let\’s calculate your fill: To calculate the amount if fill you need in cubic yards and tons Measure from the inside edges of the footing/slab, width and length and enter those in the calculator accordingly.

Simple Concrete Volume Calculator

Calculate concrete yardage with the calculator below ( you can determine the calculator in a highway with this calculator 🙂 Simply replace the existing numbers with the dimensions of your project:

Concrete Cool Deck Calculator

pool deck

Use this Concrete Cool Deck Calculator to calculator the 90# bags of cool deck you will need to coat your pool deck area with a coating that will keep your concrete cool in the summer!

Concrete Calculators – Rectangles Squares and Circles

Concrete Shapes

Rectangle Concrete Calculator Width: Feet Inches Length: Feet Inches Depth: Feet Inches: You Need: Cubic Yards of Concrete Concrete Circle Calculator Radius: Feet Inches Depth: Feet Inches You Need: Cubic Yards Of Concrete