Brick Block and Adobe Restoration

brick boxBrick, Block and Adobe Restoration Repair Your Brick, Cinder Block, Concrete Block, Cement Block or Adobe House or Patio Walls... -or- Make as much as $175.00 per hour working for yourself!
Using Proven Technique I Developed Over 20 Years Ago...
A secret about repairing broken and degenerated masonry that the pro's don't want you to have...
Years In The Masonry Business Repairing and Fixing Cracked and Broken Brick, Block and Adobe
3 Generations Of Experience
We know how to restore all type of masonry and plaster!
Included FREE: CALCULATORS Fully functional calculators to estimate: All material needs even get professional bids for selling jobs, Calculate cement and grout quantities!!! Simply Enter The Dimensions & Get The Answers no special math required
(calculators included in program)
Plus Special Bonus: Marketing tips for making money the first day! Where to get work and how to get top dollar for your time! [infopopup:multitorial]

SAVE UP TO 80% OR GO INTO BUSINESS FOR YOURSELF!!! MAKE $600/day: Buy Only The Materials - Provide Your Labor, Which Is Now Worth $150.00/hr or more!
ON LINE 24/7 E-MAIL SUPPORT E-mail your questions for an immediate response 7 days a week. I am dedicated to your success and I will be your mentor during your project! I have helped dozens of on-line students start their own business!
STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY Make Your Work Last For Generations - Well Beyond Your Mortgage
TEXTURE AND COLOR MATCHING GUIDE: Tricks Even Beginners Can Follow For Perfect Textures, Colors and Grout Matching!
INCREASE THE VALUE OF YOUR HOME: Repair unsightly chipping, spalls, mold rotten or dry rotten brick, block or adobe!
This will help you to understand your bids! Repairing problem surfaces is more than sweat and elbow grease - you need to know why it happened in the first place - I will explain in depth what went wrong. If, after studying the Multitorial you decide that you don't want to tackle your project, you will now be able to ask the correct questions of bidders so you will be assured your bids are an apple-to-apple comparison.

Brick Block and Adobe Restoration and Repairs

Brick Block and Adobe Restoration and Repairs

I Can Teach You!
I have trained hundred of masons in my lifetime, I can train you, too! This is the real thing - it's state of the art easy to follow information! Down to earth advice on tools, there purchase, safety and proper usage.

I will teach you:

  • When to Replace OR Resurface
  • How To Be Sure YOUR Work Will Last
  • To Match Colors Exactly
  • How To Match The Texture Exactly
  • How To Replace Units You Can't Resurface Without Demolition
  • To Avoid Future Problems
  • To Find Out Why It Happened To Begin With
  • What To Do To Maintain A Beautiful Wall After Repairs
  • The & Hardware You Need
  • How To Use Your Tools
  • How To Work Quickly and SAFELY!
  • More... Much More!!

Freeze thaw cycles cause most facial damage to masonry walls. Simply sealing masonry walls when they stop BEADING up water can save you thousands of dollars!

One Of A Kind Program!
Original Information & Illustrations

Information You Won't Find In Any Book -Even Books That Cost Much Much More! With These Tricks You Could Start Your Own Business!!

Trade schools charge thousands of dollars for the information I will send you. I have had an apprentice with only two weeks experience go out and make over $1000 in one week-end. You can too!

The trick to any skilled craft is to be prepared: have a good plan, high-grade materials, proper tools and last but not least quality craftsmanship.

This detailed fully illustrated Multitorial will fill that list. Everything you need to know to resurface any kind of masonry unit is in your kit. Read your new Multitorial, buy a few tools and materials and you will have brand new looking walls or planters in no time at all.

Learn the tricks of clean up - one of the most important steps when you work with cement.

After over 3 decades of repairing walls and planters just like yours, I can assure you: To stand back and feel fulfilled by a job well done that you know is done right is a rich and rewarding experience!

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