About Monument Masonry and Multitorials

This site was first developed in 1998 by Rusty Cline the organizer, programmer, writer and webmaster here. I am Rusty Cline. I invented Multitorials (multi-media-tutorials). I began teaching masonry in 1979 to men working for me. When I began to learn to build web sites - back around the time eBay became all the rage - I saw there was a need to help home owners learn to do their own projects. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="137"]Rusty Cline Head Shot Rusty In Tennessee 2007[/caption] Now all these years there are hundreds of pages on this web site. Since 1998 the Internet has changed dramatically and all sorts of "new" things are available, like streaming video, pre-programmed calculators, open source spreadsheets and databases. Not to mention over a decade of writing and sharing with you what I have learned in over three decades of masonry and concrete. I am utilizing all of the current tools I can find an implement here on the site and in the multitorials that I write, program, video and sell. I do this because I love helping, serving and teaching. And I have always loved masonry. The Multitorials became very popular and after over 30 years I was able to retire my trowel. Here is proof Rusty Cline has been around masonry his whole life. The video is an actual family 8mm film that I rendered into streaming format. You can even see my father, Red Cline 1915 - 1987... God bless him!